CubVoid | Linden Community Center | NYC

Located at Linden Houses, a NYC Housing Authority development in Brooklyn, this 22,000 SF community center is designed to include a fully functional theatre, gymnasium, classrooms, library and computer lab. An existing sewer easement on site, under the de-mapped Bradford Street required distributing the program and building mass on either side of the easement. The entrance space is designed to partially enclose the de-mapped street with a straddling structure/atrium space, which connects the two separate program spaces (the theater and the community center spaces). The mass of the auditorium, aligned with the true north axis, is conceived as a floating volume enclosed by a glass cuboid. The community Center mass is developed as a two-story ‘bar building’ with the tall volume of the gymnasium at the rear of the site, envisioned as an open interior space - visually and sectionally transparent to all interior rooms at both the level.