TerraScape | NYC

The design concept for this Community Center was developed around two primary themes: reinstating an old de-mapped street as an internal bridge that traverses through the building and; the contoured roof derived through transfiguration of the reconstructed original topography of the site from 1811. The activity areas are organized on two levels: While the entrance / ground level houses the Classrooms, Arts-Crafts Room, Computer Lab and a Multipurpose Room / Cafeteria; the lower level accommodates gymnasium / auditorium with a stage that can also be enclosed as a Performing Arts/Dance Room. Sectionally, the glass enclosed bridge demarcates and frames the stage area as the larger volume of the gymnasium is lowered into the ground by 15’-0”. The transverse corridor with interior glazing that provides a Viewing Gallery at the ground level extends itself into built-in steps that cascade down towards the gym floor providing seating for spectators.